DivX Subtitles MiniTools

What is it ?

This is a package of SubRip and MicroDVD subtitles-related, command-line tools for Linux and Windows.
SubRip subtitles are .srt files containing the subtitles for a movie, indexed by time and often used for DivX subtitling.
MicroDVD is another popular format for DivX subtitles.

This package contains the following tools :

1 srtshift and srtrate are available as binary .exe for Microsoft Windows and .c source to compile for any OS.
2 udvdshift and udvd2srt are Python scripts, and require Python to be run. Microsoft Windows executable versions of those scripts are now provided with the latest releases thanks to py2exe and VirtualBox.


26/10/2008 : Refreshing a little bit the project I ended up with two new releases dealing with "better" binaries ; the source files remain the same.

08/05/2006 : New tools for MicroDVD format : udvdshift.py (same as srtshift but for MicroDVD) and udvd2srt.py (convert from MicroDVD to SubRip).
Both tools are available as 'alpha' versions in the most recent package.
Package documentation has not been updated yet, but the scripts are self-documented.

15/12/2005 : A new tool 'srtrate' to adjust the supposed frame rate of the movie from which the subtitles were extracted.
srtrate created ; adjustsrt renamed to srtshift.

22/10/2004 : 20021010beta has been renamed to 20021010 because it's not beta anymore. The content remains the same.
A tool like adjustsrt was missing by the time I made it, but there's no reason to make any other tool anymore, because they all exist nowadays.
So subtools is likely to stay as is forever, though it still works fine. Continue enjoying it, and don't hesitate to contact me for any feedback.

21/03/2003 : Due to a great amount of work in my studies (and job), I have not done the remaining tools yet. I will continue later, during the hollidays.
Meanwhile, I recommend using MPlayer, which has a built-in converter for many subtitles.

14/10/2002 : The problem with SourceForge release is resolved, so check the SourceForge interface for up-to-date binaries.
I'll always try to link to the latest release from this page so you users can access all the stuff from here.
And ... 20021010beta released (finally).

29/09/2002 : Due to problems compiling under Linux, I will soon release a new package.

30/07/2002 : I'm having problems with the file release system of SourceForge, so I will upload the releases here until they give me a solution.
CVS access remains available on cvs.subtools.sourceforge.net (use module/project/subdirectory 'subtools', not 'adjustsrt' anymore).